Editorial: Thumbs down to DDA actions; up to openness

We believe: Cheyenne's downtown group should obey the state's transparency laws. Meanwhile, we like that the Legislature may be more open in the future. Tell us what you think: Contact us via email at opinion@wyomingnews.com.

Down: To Cheyenne’s Downtown Development Authority for its insistence on skirting state statutes on government transparency. Recently, the board met behind closed doors, allegedly to discuss issues related to attorney-client privilege. But when it came out, members voted to delay action on a policy regarding that issue. When challenged on the legality of that, the board’s attorney insisted that it was a legal closed session.

No, it was not. The state’s law on closed meetings says bodies may gather in executive session to discuss “matters concerning litigation to which the body is a party.” This was not that. Discussions of policy must be done in the open so the public can understand what the final decision is n and how it was reached. Continue>>>