Editorial: Jindal should set example

Editorial from the Advocate:  We’re not the only observers, of course, who were struck by the irony of Gov. Bobby Jindal accusing state lawmakers of secrecy in making their decisions.

Jindal entered office promising to expand transparency in state government, but instead, he’s successfully advocated for changes in the Louisiana Public Records Law that shield more records from public view. And just days ago, his executive counsel, Thomas Enright, spoke against legislation to open more of the records in the Governor’s Office to public view. Jindal has consistently invoked the vague concept of “deliberative process” to shield records from his office from the public. As this argument goes, records involved in the governor’s decision-making shouldn’t be seen by anyone beyond his inner circle. Jindal has invoked the deliberative process exemption from the Public Records Law in stopping state agencies under his control from releasing various records.