Editorial: East Earl Township (PA) supervisors need to step out from behind closed doors and embrace open government

When it comes to open and transparent government aimed at serving the people, East Earl Township supervisors must not have gotten the memo.

Supervisors Earl Kreider, Joe Shriver and David Zimmerman have been running the government based on the idea that the less the citizens know about what is going on, the better. They have been good, in fact far too good, at operating behind closed doors.

That might be in the best interest of the three supervisors but it is certainly not in the best interest of East Earl residents. Theirs is a world of cryptic agendas made available the night of the meeting with nothing in advance or posted online. There are no board packets, no documents to help residents understand what the supervisors are discussing. In their world, there are not even board minutes for the citizens to review. Notice of future meetings include ones that might be held “as needed.” Continue>>>