Editorial: Brownback vs. Transparency in Kansas

Dog catchers, school board members, county commissioners, governors — all politicians run for public office swearing up and down they’ll stand against government secrecy — they’ll swear your right to be informed about the people and processes that govern you will not be infringed on their watch.

And then they win election. 

We conservatives, in particular, have molded a brand and merchandised ourselves as limited-government crusaders. That’s a message that’s rung true with the majority of voters in Kansas — we like to believe conservative candidates uphold that tenet and a host of others that generally favor the individual over the government. We have elected Republicans and conservatives to a majority of the elected posts in the state much for that reason.

So when the Big Duck conservative in the state goes back on such a prized theme as open government records, he should be called out, and then some. Continue…