Dozens of groups, including NFOIC, urge Congress to reject Pentagon’s request for secrecy

The National Freedom of Information Coalition and 44 other organizations signed a letter opposing the Department of Defense’s proposal to alter the Freedom of Information Act.

The letter, written by the Project On Government Oversight, was addressed to leadership of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Services Committee.

“The Pentagon’s proposed language would undermine FOIA by creating an unnecessary and overbroad secrecy provision at odds with the law’s goal of transparency and accountability to the public,” the letter states. “The department’s proposal to exempt from disclosure unclassified information on ‘military tactic, technique, or procedure,’ and on military ‘rule of engagement or rule for the use of force’ would create an unnecessary and broad carve-out to public disclosure laws.”

This marks the seventh time since 2011 the Pentagon has attempted to include a similar exemption.