D.O.J. announces that online FOIA request links are now available

From Department of Justice:

Federal agencies and departments continue to add technological enhancements and capabilities to their FOIA programs in their efforts to better serve the requester community and improve efficiency.  One of the capabilities that many agencies are adding is the ability to make a FOIA request online through a dedicated website and form.  These forms allow for easier submission of FOIA requests for the public and easier integration with an agency’s FOIA request tracking system.  As a part of OIP’s continuing efforts to improve the capabilities of FOIA.Gov, we have added these website links to the FOIA Contacts page ofFOIA.Gov.

Currently, 111 separate FOIA offices across all agencies and departments offer an online request form for the submission of FOIA requests, including such offices as the Departmental Offices at the Department of the Treasury, theHeadquarters office at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, andall component offices of the Department of the Interior.   With the addition of these links to an agency’s contact information, a member of the public can now be one click away from making a FOIA request while visiting FOIA.Gov.  As agencies continue to add this functionality, we will continue to add this information to the site.