Developers challenge new Annapolis public meeting law

An Annapolis attorney has asked a judge to set aside a new law requiring public meetings before developers submit plans to the city.

Alan Hyatt, on behalf of four developers pursuing projects in the city, filed a complaint in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court claiming that the law adopted in October is impractically vague. He also argued that the City Council violated its own rules in considering the law.

“The City might require any or no activity on the part of the administrative applicant,” Hyatt wrote. “There are no standards or boundaries for a potential applicant to understand what it must do to progress from the community meeting phase to the application submittal phase and, conversely, there are no standards for a community meeting participant to understand what he or she might expect a potential developer to do…”

Hyatt filed the complaint on behalf of Solstice Partners, LLC, SPRE Eastport, LLC, Eastport Plaza, LLC and Parole Place, LLC, all companies with ongoing development projects in Annapolis. He asked a judge to temporarily halt the city’s enforcement of the law while the matter moves through the courts.

Acting City Attorney Elson said the city plans to file a response contesting the complaint. He expects to meet with Hyatt and a judge this week. Read more…