Colorado ethics commission revises proposed rules of access to public records

The Colorado Independent Ethics Commission has substantially revised its proposed records access rules in response to criticism from news media associations, citizens and the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

The new proposal, posted Thursday on the IEC’s website, fits on a single page. The previous version, announced in late December, was 10 pages long.

“It is very different from what was proposed,” said Dino Ioannides, the commission’s executive director. “It’s fair to say the commission modified the proposed rules as a result of the public comments that were received.”

Added to the state constitution when voters approved Amendment 41 in 2006, the IEC investigates allegations of ethical misconduct involving public officials. Originally housed in the Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration, it considered itself subject to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) until sometime after it moved to the judicial department in 2010. Read more…