City of Chicago thumbs nose at FOIA – lies to keep Rahm’s records secret

For the past couple of months several people have attempted to gain access to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s records as it relates to bills payable and due to the City of Chicago.

In this most recent request, which was forwarded to me this afternoon, Adam Andrzejewski was attempting to get copies of those records and it has become apparent by now that this is nothing more than an attempt at keeping those records from the public – at least until after the election. First they claim they didn’t understand the original FOIA request, then when it is further explained they treat it as a new request that basically restarts the five day response time. Next they ask for an extension with the promise that a response would be received by April 6th at the latest. That date has come and gone.

Finally, the FOIA Officer, Mr. Carl Gutierrez ( just simply ignores the emails sent to him. Continue>>>