Citizens group files FOIA for clarity on parkway expansion

Attorney Dioné Carroll filed a Freedom of Information Act request, also known as an FOIA, earlier this month on behalf of a group of residents seeking more explanation as to the cost and timeline of the possible Hitchcock Parkway expansion project.
The residents, who go by “Concerned Citizens,” retained Carroll in its long-term battle to shed more light on the project's cost, timeline and environmental impacts. The possible expansion has caused a rift between residents and local officials, with one resident saying they are being heard, just not listened to.
“These requests are really out of frustration,” Aiken resident Bob Gilbert, who heads the Concerned Citizens group, said. “This is for those seeking information about this project by the officials who are pursuing it. We really see a lack of transparency and intransigence. Then we resort to spending money to have legal counsel there to, I guess, increase the formality of our observations.” Continue>>>