Chan Lowe: Sunshine Week

Opinion from Sun Sentinel:

Those who rhapsodize about defending the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution (even if all they’ve read is the last half of the Second Amendment) have a good point. Our rights don’t just sit there, inviolate, waiting to be enjoyed at random. They need to be defended around the clock from enemies foreign and domestic.

Protecting American interests abroad through military might is one area where there is basic agreement across the political spectrum. In the domestic arena of defending individual freedoms and liberties, however, Americans sustain a lively debate. Some feel that these principles are best maintained by the threat of armed rebellion—specifically the possession of personal firearms to ward off a hostile government bent on subjugating the populace.

Others believe that the greatest enemy to freedom is not government, but apathy. When the American people are asleep at the switch, abuses—and their fellow traveler, secrecy—flourish. The antidote is to develop a passionate involvement in our national affairs and how they are conducted. With this hunger for self-determination comes a mandate for transparency, and that in turn begets trust in our institutions.