Champaign officials release documents related to use of force FOIA requests

The City of Champaign and the Champaign Police Department has released several documents to the public in response to several inquiries regarding the department's Use of Force policy, litigation, and Freedom of Information Act requests regarding a Champaign Police officer. 

Officials say they released the information following the approval of a $25,000 settlement to a lawsuit regarding a use of force complaint against two Champaign Police Officers. Officials also say they received several Freedom of Information Act requests regarding Champaign Police Officer Matt Rush, who is identified as one of the officers involved in the lawsuit.

Information being released to the public includes City of Champaign litigation and case summaries, personnel file documents, internal and citizen complaint investigations, media requested videos, related policies and information, and more. Champaign officials say these documents include citizen complaints, internal investigations, and pending litigation regarding Officer Rush. Continue…