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Cash-Strapped Municipalities Claim More than $30m in Revenue Sharing Using Munetrix Public Sector Transparency Compliance Tools

December 22 — Munetrix, a public sector solutions provider offering data analytics and transparency tools for state and local governments, continues to reshape local government finance through expanded use of the Munetrix platform. The Munetrix® Transparency Compliance Report WizardTM helped its municipal customers simplify the process of applying for revenue sharing from Michigan’s Cities, Villages, Townships Revenue Sharing (CVTRS) and County Incentive Program (CIP), which will result in state payments of more than $30m over the next 12 months. The deadline to submit the information to the state in order to receive 100% of the state allotted revenue sharing for fiscal year 2017 was Dec. 1, 2016.

One Oakland County township, for example, receives $108,695 in revenue sharing. The reports required by the state could take weeks for those who do not use a transparency platform like Munetrix, while relying on a variety of time consuming, error-prone spreadsheets which end up as useless PDFs. Instead, this township completed the report in a couple of hours.

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