Brazil 89th country to enact a freedom of information law

From National Security Archive's Unredacted blog:

On November 18, 2011, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff signed two major pieces of legislation: the Law of the Truth Commission (Lei da Comissão da Verdade) and the Law of Access to Public Information (Lei da Acesso à InformaŅ«ão), making Brazil the 89th country in the world to enact a freedom of information law.

After years of ignoring the abuses that occurred under the military dictatorship in Brazil, the Lei da Comissão da Verdade establishes a seven member truth commission to investigate and report on the murders, torture, and disappearances perpetrated by both the government and the resistance from 1946-1988. The commission will have two years to complete its investigation. The law empowers the commissioners to summon witnesses under oath as well as gain access to all government documents—at least in theory.