Blog: Senator Feinstein Finds Out How it Feels to be a FOIA Requester

Just in time for Sunshine Week, the must read document of the week, month, year is out. It’s the “high-altitude electromagnetic pulse” which Senator Dianne Feinstein (previously no foe of the Security State) has just launched at the Central Intelligence Agency. In a Senate floor speech, she accused the Agency of concealing –then deleting– documents that the Senate Intelligence Committee was reviewing about the CIA torture program. Her statement is a must read. Even the Times’ headline “Feinstein Publicly Accuses C.I.A. of Spying on Congress,” is too soft. Read the full statement here.

According to Feinstein, the Agency initially denied that it had removed the torture documents, then blamed the removal on IT staff, and subsequently and untruthfully stated that the removal of some torture documents “was ordered by the White House.”

Additionally, according to Feinstein, the CIA has attempted and failed to suppress the Senate Intelligence Committee’s access to a document she calls the “Panetta Review” of the torture program that largely (and as opposed to Director Brennan) agrees with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s findings. Continue>>>