Activist sues Sanford over Trayvon Martin public records

From Orlando Sentinel:

A political activist who's repeatedly asked Sanford to produce public records in the Trayvon Martin shooting – especially police-made videos – on Wednesday sued the city, accusing it of willfully violating the state's public records act.


Although more than a month has now passed, he has not received the records, according to his attorney, Lawrence G. Walters of Longwood, nor has he been given a written reason, explaining why they're exempt from public disclosure.

From the Miami Herald:

Ken Bunting, the executive director of the National Freedom of Information Coalition at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, said the quest to keep information from the media is ironic, given that it was media interest in the case that caused law enforcement to take a second look at the investigation.

"I think it's overreaching," Bunting said. "I know it's fashionable to demonize the media, especially in high-profile cases like this, but nothing does more to ensure a fair trial and the fair administration of justice than sunshine itself. Excessive secrecy is never the right answer."