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From the Injury Board Blog Network : A government health agency has revoked the public’s access to a database of healthcare practitioner’s malpractice and other negative history, even though its recor...More
From Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press : The New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled ... that the public has a right of access to the names of state pension benefit recipients as well as the amou...More
A few items selected from many of interest recently. Justice Department drops non-disclosure proposal for FOIA requests The United States Justice Department announced, yesterday, that it was dropping...More
Judicial Watch , an organization that monitors government corruption, has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court asking it to review a lower court ruling that allows the Federal Reserve to keep secret docu...More
From ACLU : WASHINGTON – The Department of Justice (DOJ) today withdrew a proposed regulation that would allow government agencies to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests with false denials...More
From Texas Watchdog : Texas state and local government websites have garnered only a B minus grade in a nationwide rating of the transparency value of the information government agencies post online....More
From : Little Rock attorney Sam Perroni is taking on the Arkansas Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission for failing to hand over documents related to an investigation of Pul...More
From Unredacted : On October 28 the Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Charles Grassley (R. Iowa), penned a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder opposing the Justice Department’s...More
From The Mountain Press : Williamson County, TN -- An effort that could shut the public out of some small gatherings of government officials seems to be making little headway, with no local officials...More
November 1, 2011 From Burlington Free Press : South Burlington has released traffic stop documents related to former police Cpl. Jack O'Connor to one individual but withheld the same documents from th...More
A few items selected from many of interest recently (updated Monday). Obama Justice Department Battles Against FOIA The Obama administration wants to make it tougher for Americans to obtain government...More
From UNREDACTED : Almost two-thirds of Americans approve of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Nearly half approve of the USA PATRIOT Act. Fortunately, some of its laws' flaws are receiving some m...More
From delawareonline : WILMINGTON -- An open government group has filed suit in federal court alleging the Delaware Court of Chancery is operating a "secret" court in violation of the U.S. Constitution...More
From ZDNet : Google’s transparency report shows a general trend in rising requests by governments, law enforcement agencies and the courts, to takedown content that infringes rights or breaks the law....More
October 26, 2011 From The Republic : LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — State lawmakers said Tuesday that they didn't see any reason to immediately change the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act despite a judge's in...More