Jayne: Shooting the breeze with Washington state's attorney general

Submitted by LDieringer on Wed, 10/22/2014 - 8:31pm

I should have been a lawyer. It's not that I have the smarts or the diligence. It's not that journalism isn't rewarding and challenging. It's just that, during my childhood, I couldn't count how many times my argumentative nature led somebody to suggest that I should become a lawyer. The irony is that my 11-year-old has inherited that nature - which is both a blessing and curse for his parents - and often is told the same thing. Something about the "sins of the father," I'm guessing.

Sure, I digress. It's just that I found myself thinking about all of this - lawyers, lawyering, the law, the ins and outs of legal maneuvering - last week when The Columbian's Editorial Board met with Bob Ferguson. He is the state's attorney general, having been elected in 2012.

Ferguson is not up for re-election; he simply was in town and offered to meet with The Columbian. And, to be honest, after dozens of meetings with candidates for various offices, it was a pleasure to have a more informal session with an official, just shooting the breeze and garnering some insight to what's going on around the state. Continue>>>