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Recent news
"The undersigned civil society organizations write to urge you to take bold presidential action now to carry out your pledge to 'bring transparency and truth back to government.'" Signed by 43...
D.C. Open Government Coalition board member Sandra Moscoso is writing a series of posts about open government. This is part of a series that will become a case study in the D.C. Open Government...
WASHINGTON— More than a dozen conservation and transparency groups called on the new Congress today to fix systemic issues and close loopholes that allow federal agencies to delay releases of public...
The news media are powerful players in the world of government transparency and public accountability. One important tool for ensuring public accountability is through invoking transparency mandates...
Why don’t we know how often college athletes get concussions, or when students get disciplined for hazing, and whether those problems are getting better or worse? They’re simple questions with complex...
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied UNC-Chapel Hill’s appeal regarding the release of sexual assault records, ending a four-year legal battle between the university and local media. The lawsuit...

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