Louisiana - PAR Releases Guide to the Constitutional Amendments

September 8, 2017 4:29 PM

The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana today released the PAR Guide to the 2017 Constitutional Amendments. The Guide explains the potential impact of the three constitutional amendments that voters will consider on the Oct. 14 ballot statewide. This objective review will help voters understand the issues and the potential changes so they may develop their own positions on each proposition.

These amendments address how property tax assessors should deal with construction work, whether surviving spouses of some first responders should be exempt from property tax and if a special transportation fund should be created in anticipation of future new fuel tax revenue.  

"Citizens once again must decide whether to make changes to the state's fundamental law," said PAR President Robert Travis Scott. "With the PAR Guide, they can walk into the voting booth with a solid understanding of the facts and a clear appreciation of the implications of their vote."View the guide here.