LOC calls on coders to rewire legislative data

June 29, 2017 12:28 PM

The Library of Congress wants to "rewire" how Americans tap into legislative data.

Library of Congress CIO Bud Barton called for citizen developers to unpack the linear legislative process and remake it in ways that improve  access to and understanding of legislation. Speaking at the  June 27 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference, Barton said  that the legislative data application challenge aims to  provide innovation solutions that marry centuries-old data with 21st century technology.

The challenge may result in apps that  change the way legislators do business and provide the public with greater transparency into the legislative process, he said. "It may even provide insights for the people doing the work around the clock, both on the Hill, and in state and district offices," he said. The understanding gained from the apps "could have the power to evolve our democracy," he added. Continue...