How Los Angeles CDO Lilian Coral is Building a Data-Sharing Culture

June 27, 2017 11:59 AM

When Mayor Eric Garcetti was elected in 2013, one of his major goals was to make Los Angeles a smart city. That very year, he signed a landmark executive directive that established the city’s emphasis on data-driven policy and open data.

Since then, Los Angeles has delivered results on Garcetti’s smart city vision, including the creation of one of the most innovative government data portals and ever-increasing support for data-driven governance within city departments. Lilian Coral, who joined Garcetti’s team in 2015, first as Deputy Chief Data Officer until she was appointed Chief Data Officer last spring, has been integral to taking Los Angeles’ digital efforts to the next level.

Coral oversaw the implementation of the GeoHub, a map-based data portal that connects citywide location data and brings to life data previously stuck in spreadsheets. The portal is an ambitious attempt by the city to build on open data and develop more enterprise-wide solutions to manage the city’s wealth of data. The goal is to spur innovation and increase engagement, internally across city departments and externally with residents and entrepreneurs. Continue...